Oil & Gas Contract Dispute Arbitration

How Oil & Gas Contract Disputes Arise

As the global need for energy resources increases, the importance of oil & gas extraction in Africa has become a geopolitical and strategic priority for many energy-producing African States. When these States lack the technical expertise to extract these reserves, they often enter into contracts with large international corporations, which may end up being the subject of a dispute between the parties. Oil & gas disputes may concern:

  • oil and gas title;
  • drainage;
  • reasonable development;
  • lease termination;
  • surface access;
  • joint operating agreements;
  • joint exploration and development agreements;
  • preferential rights disputes;
  • market value royalty;
  • reasonable market production;
  • gas purchase agreements;
  • gas gathering and processing agreements; and
  • drilling contracts.

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Arbitrating Oil & Gas disputes

Companies that are parties to a contract to extract oil & gas reserves in Africa typically include an arbitration clause that obliges them to resort to arbitration as a means of dispute resolution. The seat of the arbitration and rules of arbitration are typically dictated by the terms of the contract to which both parties agreed. The terms of the arbitration clause are dictated by a variety of factors, including the location and preferences of the parties involved.

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Our Experience in Oil & Gas disputes

Our international arbitration attorneys have worked with companies in numerous contexts to successfully resolve oil and gas disputes, ranging from royalty, exploration, and production disputes to product and service contract disputes.

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